Welcome to IONS Kochi 2017

  • Students of ISP-OSA Student Chapter Welcomes you

International School of Photonics is delighted to inform the academic community that we are organizing the International OSA Network of Students conference 2017 from September 11th to 14th, co-hosted by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The event is sponsored by The Optical society with an objective to draw together the students and academicians across the globe to interact and learn from pioneers  in the world of Optics and Photonics.

IONS Kochi 2017 focuses mainly on quantum optics, quantum computing and non linear optics. It is framed such that the young and the trained minds alike can have access to the on-going and upcoming research activities along the various universities within India and outside. Our aim is to create and enhance bonds so as to pave way for scientific communication and association among the professionals in various fields.  The attendees have the opportunity for oral and poster presentations. This endeavor is a platform to express and improve their ideas.