General Instructions for IONS Kochi participants:

  • The list of selected participants for poster and oral presentations can be found in this link.
  • The above link gives the list of participants presenting, either oral or poster, all others registered are already selected.
  • All participants should finalize their registrations using the forms mailed to them.
  • A student from each chapter can present their chapter activities for the chapter activity presentations.
  • The dimensions of the Board provided for the poster presentation is 120×90 cm.
  • The poster should be designed in such a manner it covers all the important information.
  • Printing the poster on separate small sheets is not recommended.
  • The maximum time for allotted for each oral presentation is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion.
  • All presentations shall include affiliations, contacts, authors and references.

As a part of the IONS Kochi Conference, we are conducting a Social Day trip to Athirapally Waterfalls on the 3rd day of the conference. Find more details here.